A proliferation of pendant lights

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Earlier this year, I was invited to participate in an Art for the Garden show at the Edina Art Center. The organizer said that my pendant lights reminded her of flowers, and wanted 10 to 15 lights for display.

Of course, I ended up making more than were necessary because I was having so much fun creating new designs and color combinations. So, now I have a plethora of pendant lights in stock and would be happy to sell them to anyone who might appreciate adding a bit of drama and color to a room. Most of my customers buy them for their kitchens and, while the many people prefer to use similar lights in combinations of two or three, there’s no reason why the colors and designs can’t be complimentary instead. At least, that’s how I roll.

So, if you see any pendant lights here that you like, let me know, and we’ll pop some color into your house. Often, it just takes swapping out the glass globes on already installed light fixtures but it’s also fairly easy to hardwire new electrical cords.



My sculpture was judged one of the winners

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The opening and awards ceremony was September 1 at the juried and judged In.Art show at the Hallberg Center for the Arts in Wyoming, MN, home of the Wyoming Creative Arts Community. The event attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd.

My submitted piece, American Tapestry II, received an Artistic Merit Award. Technically, this was third place and shared with four other artists but, still, considering the amazing 69 artworks on display, it felt great to be among the 13 who received awards from the judges.

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Hello Minneapolis!

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Meet my fused glass…



If I ever thought that I was in total control of my life, the past two years definitely would put the kibosh on that thinking. When I packed up my studio to move back to Minnesota from New Mexico with my husband, I was thinking that, worst case, it would be six months before I would be playing with glass again. Ha. I was way overly optimistic.

Now, two years later, I’m on the verge of getting my studio set up. The garage soon will be finished, and I’ll try firing up the kiln again. The kiln itself should be all right, but it’s possible that the relays or some other parts in the controller – electronic or electrical – will have degraded. There will be a moment of truth when the controller will start cycling on and off, or there will be a “pop” and a puff of smoke, or there will be silence.

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Hiatus…and fond memories of Las Cruces connections and commissions

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A version of "Desert Shards" done as a commission. It is displayed on a mantel with the beautiful Organ Mountains as a backdrop.

A version of “Desert Shards” done as a commission for a Las Cruces couple. It is displayed on a mantel with the scenic Organ Mountains as a backdrop.

Since I have begun playing with fused glass, I have taken occasional breaks, sometimes because of travel, sometimes because of illness, sometimes because of other life demands. Right now, I am in the midst of one of those other life demands: moving.

After much discussion and consideration, my husband and I have decided to leave Las Cruces, where we have lived happily for almost six years, to be closer to family. This means it’s back to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota for us.

All my glass is packed up and my kilns are secured for safe travel. We are going to rent while we house-hunt and I will have to put my shiny addiction on hold until we find a new home with studio space and adequate electrical power. Read More

Opaque glass and representational art

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                       Yikes! I’m out of my comfort zone!


"Pig in Boots" fresh out of the kiln.

“Pig in Boots” fresh out of the kiln.

Last year, my niece asked me to make a fused glass pig that she could hang on her wall. She loves animals in general and pigs in particular, which I can understand totally. Those of you familiar with my life know that my dues-paying journalism job was as a reporter for a national hog farming magazine. I took a lot of pictures of cute pigs.

Anyway, I told my niece that I would of course make her one but it would take me a while to come to grips with the idea. As you can see from my website, I work most often with transparent glasses and nonrepresentational art.

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Sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward

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Another iteration, more recent, currently in a gallery.

Another iteration, more recent, currently in a gallery.

Over four years ago, I experimented with a technique where I cut strips of glass approximately a quarter of an inch wide and then “nipped” one edge with a mosaic cutter. Rather than lay the pieces flat on the bottom piece of clear glass, I set the strips upright on the smooth edges and tack fused the glass to keep the texture. The first piece I did using this technique was small – which is what I do with any experimental technique I try – and looked pretty good, so I went larger. I ended up with a piece of glass that looked pretty cool, but I wasn’t ever sure what, exactly, to do with it. Would anyone else – besides my husband, that is – appreciate the technique? It’s very labor-intensive and, although like most artists, my time really isn’t well compensated (if at all!), I like to at least live in the illusion that people will pay higher prices for glass that requires more and difficult work. Read More

For the Love of Art Month Show at the Las Cruces Convention Center – “Name the Piece”

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Amber Cascade

Amber Cascade

February is For the Love of Art Month in Las Cruces. During the month, there are numerous special events throughout the city: gallery openings, music and dance performances, readings. Last year, a Las Cruces arts organization for the first time sponsored an art show at the Convention Center. It was not well-attended – starting a new tradition often means glitches and hiccups – but the show this year drew a good crowd, a lively crowd. They looked closely and asked lots of questions about the art on display, and the artists I talked to were satisfied with the sales they made.

Just prior to the show, I took a new piece out of the kiln. I usually name my pieces of glass, but there was no time for that and there certainly was no time to have a stand made for it. But I did want to display it in my booth and I decided to conduct a “Name the Piece” survey. The person who came up with the winning name would win a piece of amber glass with copper inclusions called Celebrate. Read More

What’s in a genre?

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Paajanen-254When I received the latest Call for Submissions from the Fuller Lodge Art Center in Los Alamos, I immediately thought of a couple of my pieces. The show is called Tri, Tri and Tri Again. Yup, triptychs. I had two on hand: Mirror Lake Trail (originally done as a triptych – see photo at end of this blog – though the latest iteration is one piece) and Weather Patterns – both of black iridescent glass.

So, shiny but both sort of dark, and Weather Patterns is spoken for so not available. I decided to create something new that might contrast with the Mirror Lake Trail pieces. I also thought that I would, in a way, stretch the concept of triptych: my three pieces would be the same colors but would be different shapes and sizes. I’ve really never been very good about staying in the lines anyway…

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Why blog, and why now?

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IMG_0300-300x225Welcome to my blog, something I have been thinking about doing for a very long time. It’s well past time to actually do the deed. I have had a website for a number of years, and I think that websites are quite useful. I can showcase what I have done, and anyone who comes across my website can learn about me and what I am doing in glass fusing.

Websites, however, do have limitations. If someone – say me – has limited digital and graphic experience but wants a website that looks good, then you (or, in this case, “I”) get a webmaster. All well and good, but this puts a wrench in instantaneous communication. If I want to post a photo of a new piece of glass, I have to get a relatively large (In digital terms) copy to my webmaster, who has to have time to post the new photo.

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